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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Free books on Kindle today (Saturday January 21...though it's still Friday in the U.S.).  Hmm, not too many that involve horses, but I'm looking hard! Jump below this writing to the book links if you just want to grab the freebies without reading my yatter, yatter, yatter.

First up, The Double D Ranch: a children's book about a sixth grader from Wyoming who joins her family on a ranch, learning all about ranch life, including riding horses - a quick look at the writing style indicates it is quite well written and it looks as though it would be a fun way for children, tweens and young teens to learn about what it would be like to live on a ranch.

The children's book about Quicksand is still free today - won't be for much longer... and it's about an Appaloosa for all my Appy friends - gotta love a horse with spots!

From children's books to adult romance... who among you does not appreciate a good looking man in a cowboy hat? A Marriage Of Convenience along the lines of the older style Mills and Boon/Harlequin style romances which are ever popular with women who know that the ten best men they are ever likely to meet live between these covers. The hero and heroine are brought together when forced to share ownership of a horse ranch (see, there are horses in this book!) and, well, you know how romance novels go - if you want a bit of romance, grab this one while it is FREE.

 OK, OK, the book with the dog on the cover is not about horses, but it's free, people with horses often have dogs, and it is very popular on Amazon so it might make a good read for the adults who like a bit of romantic comedy with a dog sidekick.

Just found another romance with a man in a cowboy hat... love those Texans! Where there's a cowboy, there has to be a horse somewhere (and it's a popular book today, so is probably worth downloading for free while you can).

Now I have to go to some classics where the horse connection is merely, 'they ride horses'.

Moving on to one of my all time favourite books - probably the first Mills and Boon romance ever written (I'm only half joking about that) and I fall in love with Mr. Darcy every time I read the book or see another movie or miniseries made about it. Pride and Prejudice. It's always free on Kindle, so no need to hurry on this one but, honestly, if you haven't read it, it is a beautiful book. The older, slower writing style might concern some readers who have become used to books written like movies (lots of action, conversation and punching through scene after scene as the author envisions a movie deal at the end of the book), but if you have the time to savour the English language as written by Jane Austen 200 years ago, then please download this beauty. They ride horses.

Wuthering Heights is another classic (always free in store). It was written thirty or so years after Pride and Prejudice and, I'm sorry, but I never really liked these guys. Their love was so selfish and destructive that it could not possibly be a thing of beauty when it wrought so much damage... many of my friends love the book and the characters so my view is not generally accepted. They ride horses.

Also about thirty years after Pride and Prejudice came the Boys' Own Adventure style of rollicking mayhem of The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas... I read it when I was about twelve and I liked it then, but it is an older style of language (like the other free classics here) that many people struggle with if they are used to modern novels. They ride horses.

Lastly, another free classic and horses really don't feature that much at all - dogs do though.  White Fang - one of my all time favourite dog books.

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