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Please let your friends and forums know about this blog - the more books that can be given away, the more the authors are promoted, which is why they agree to make them free for a few days. (And if you don't have a Kindle... consider one - I bought one for me, one for my daughter and a third for my 75 year old mother, and I linked the accounts so that every book I buy or pick up for free can be put on any or all Kindles. All of us love our Kindles!)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kindles... want one?
The free books today are in the post below this post, so scroll down to them if that's what you're after. I just thought I'd remind you that you can buy your Kindle from Amazon and it arrives by courier all linked to your account and ready to go. You can just click the Kindle link below and it takes a few minutes and a credit card (preferably your own card) and you'll have one coming to you - safe, secure and easy. I'm in Australia and I've bought three this way - they get here quick, they are ready to switch on and start downloading books, they are already linked to your own Amazon account, and I love them. My Kindle is the 3G/WiFi keyboard one... I thought I'd never take to eBooks and eReaders - I'm an English teacher with a Masters in Education and I LOVE print books, but I love my Kindle more. I can be on a train, pull this out, hook up to the internet (for free - never any charges for accessing Amazon on the net with this), find a new book and download it in less than a minute.
     I also bought two of the smaller ones (second link below) for my mother and daughter - same screen size as mine, just lighter and no keyboard. I had about 200 books on my Kindle and didn't want to loan it to my family (it's mine, it's ALL mine!) so I bought two of the cheaper Kindles, linked it to my account, and all the books I'd bought were put on to theirs (reminder, if you do this, delete any erotica from your account if you don't want the kids reading it or the old girl having a heart attack). Mum is in her seventies and is totally hooked on the Kindle. I keep buying eBooks and getting freebies, and whenever Mum comes over, I just Wi-Fi it from my computer to her account (one click - 'send to 2nd Kindle' and they are there - LOVE IT!).
     Unfortunately, in Australia we can't buy the Kindle Fire yet, but I so want one... if you're in the U.S. you can buy one now, but we have to wait another few months - just look at them (3rd link) - they are    AMAZING. I did want an iPad, but I'm waiting until this is released in Australia.
     A reminder to Australian buyers - you want one of the power adaptors to charge your Kindle in Aussie power points - you can get them from Dick Smiths or order one with your Kindle (fourth link) - just plug the USB cable that comes with the Kindle into that round thing which is actually a three point plug (the three points are on the other side) for Australian power points.
    I also bought the Kindle lighted covers - they are great. They protect the Kindles, naturally, and the light makes it great for reading in bed at night without having to worry about having a room light on... I can read without annoying my hubby and having him groan, "Turn the light out." I can't bring up the link for the lighted cover for keyboard varieties, so the first lighted cover is for the Wi-Fi 6" Kindles, and I've put up a cover and a book light for the keyboard variety (the book lights are great for any book reading at night). And a great cover for the Kindle Fire (come on, Kindle... release them in Australia!).
If you have any queries about Kindles, accessories or anything else relating to them, make sure you join the Kindle Boards forum by clicking here - brilliant place.

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