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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Today's free books are in the post below this one.

Here is a selection of eight eBooks/books about dressage. I remember our Saturday morning dressage lessons back in the 1960s with Mr Hank Wilkens, previously of the Netherlands, trying to tame our wild riding habits... my brother and I were happiest hooning around Reedy Lake on our horses, hunting, jumping, playing polocrosse, riding bareback with just a rope around the horses' necks and heading off for fifty mile trail rides for the heck of it. But we did the arena thing with Hank and started learning some basics of dressage, and even took part in dressage competitions. We also had lessons from Tony and Art Utendale and down the road Fred Hoevener was building his huge indoor arena by hand and dropping in to our Reinwood Riding School to tell us that back in the Netherlands, he was better than Hank and Art (and they each claimed to be better than the other two, so go figure... but Art was out winning while Hank was teaching and Fred was building).

In 1974, I was at the very first meeting to discuss the formation of a Warmblood Association in Australia, and we bred our mares to the imported Warmblood Flaneur. In those early years of the 1970s and later, we watched the great Nuno Oliviera conduct lessons in Dr Robbie's private indoor arena at the Robinson farm, Paxton Park. Dr Robinson was one of the great influences in our early lives, and the first person I know who built an indoor arena for private use... mind you, we learned to show jump on his show jumping arena which was built on the helicopter landing pad next to the house and he and his wife Moira took us flying in their own personal planes, so the indoor arena was just one more magical thing about the Robinsons. As kids, we'd ride the five miles to their place and Mrs Robbie would bring out lemonade for us, then we'd hoon down the air strip to their private beach and swim the horses in Corio Bay and come back up to say hello to all the horses, including Dr Robbie's beautiful mount, Danny (an Arabian Clydesdale cross bred at Fenwick, and a brilliant big hunter and jumper) and the Belle family: Bluebelle, Christabelle, Little Belle and so on. After Mrs Robbie passed away, he married another family friend, Faye Patterson, and young James Patterson-Robinson was able to grow up with the magic of Dr Robbie as a father - I see he's now a very successful international level show jumper, so I'm sure Dr Robbie looks down from heaven and is very proud...

But I digress. Dressage books.  Here is a selection. Most are available in several forms: eBooks, paperbacks, hardbacks and there are also second hand copies of many of them which are cheaper than new (obviously). So, have yourself a dressage day and browse away... and if you think you don't need dressage, believe me, all good riding where the horse responds to the lightest aids possible is dressage, and has been for thousands of years (have a read of Dr Ann Nyland's wonderful new translation of Xenophon's works if you don't believe me - Ann is a fellow horse woman and is one of the world's leading translators of ancient manuscripts... I have a whole post on her way down the blog somewhere and well worth reading and seeing how much she writes, and I've only looked at the books relating to horses that she's written, she has done so much more - Ann is a good person with some lovely horses and well worth supporting by buying her books (*hi Ann! Promise to come and have a cuppa one day this year!*).

Dr Reiner Klimke and Ahlerich, dressage Klimke ahlerich, best dressage test ever
The following are only available as books... oh, but what heavenly books! Anything by Klimke is worth reading - go to google or youtube and look up Dr Rainer Klimke and his horse Ahlerich to see some of the most beautiful & harmonious dressage performances of the twentieth century... no, make that of all time. And Alois Podhajsky - almost synonymous with the Spanish Riding School - actually, one of our family friends from Geelong was the private pupil of Colonel Podhajsky... hang on *running off to look up books* there he is, just to prove I'm right: Warrick Cozens, on the horse on the cover of The Riding Teacher. As a child, I spent a fair bit of time at Warrick's home farm, Clifton, while he was in Europe riding with Podhajsky, as his parents were friends of my family. Clifton, like Dr Robbie's Paxton Park (and the Cozens and Robinsons knew each other), was another magical place where they had their own private bird sanctuary with an amazing array of beautiful and exotic birds and they had private screenings of movies that were new at the drive-in and several thousand acres of prime sheep country that was heaven to ride over... once more I wander off on my private thoughts, sorry.  Have a look at the books.

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