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Saturday, February 25, 2012


This will be free for two days only! (Today's other free eBooks are in the post below this one)  At the time of writing this, it isn't yet free, but it should become free sometime today for 48 hours (I'm on Aussie time but the promotions run on US time, so it's set for Saturday & Sunday, 25th & 26th of February)... so just keep checking in until you see the price at $0.00.  Why am I giving it away for two days? Because it really is a great book and I want to get some five star reviews from people who read it and let others know it's good. You will see on any of the Amazon pages for books, you are able to write a review and give them a star rating... so far, only one person has reviewed and rated Flame, and in order to kick sales along over the next six months, I need to get some more five star ratings and positive reviews as these help get the book 'seen' and help sales.

So, please download it for free and, if you enjoy it, give it a good star rating and nice review as I really need some to kick the book up the charts... if you absolutely hate it (and I don't think anyone would - I've been writing for magazines for three decades, I'm an English teacher, I have a Masters in Education and I do know how to write) just assume that you like a different style of book and please don't 'punish' it with a low star rating (pretty please). If you have enjoyed getting free books from this blog, then please take the time to help me now by giving my books some good reviews.

What's it about? Well, the first story, Flame, is fiction - I wrote it over 25 years ago and it ran as a serialised story in The Horse Magazine in Australia (the one that is still the most popular horse magazine in the country). I re-wrote it for Kindle and added some true, short stories about horses I have known, a couple of these have been published in magazines, the others are 'first time seen' in this book. If you like horses, it doesn't matter what age you are, you will enjoy this. I was amazed to discover that some of my facebook friends, including horse judges and competitors, remembered the story from 25 years ago when they read it in the magazine and just never realised that I was the author... they all said they loved it and they cried, so you might need tissues at the end - I was simply blown away that they even remembered it!

These next two aren't free, and Horses Of The Sun is chugging along well, often in the top five on various book lists on Amazon, making #1 a couple of times, and it has some good reviews (would love to see forty or fifty five star reviews... but it all takes time), but if you are in a 'good review' mood, you might add a review to them. It only costs $2.99 and I've nearly finished Book #2 in the series, which is longer and even more exciting. The book is complete in itself, you aren't left hanging waiting to 'find out what happens' in the next book, but hopefully it makes readers enjoy meeting these characters so much that they want to continue the friendship for years to come. It's also available as a paperback.
You Look Worried is a little 'help' book for tweens/teens - as a teacher I see the same worries and problems  year after year with young people and this covers some of the most common worries. It is only 99c, so I'm not going to make money out of it, but if it can help some young people that is what is important... from feedback, it has already really helped over a dozen kids who were inspired to write to me to say thank you, so hopefully it's helped a lot more than that who didn't write to say thanks. If you are in this age group, or know people who are, have a look, and give it a review so that other tweens/teens can find it more easily.

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