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Friday, February 10, 2012


Here are today's free eBooks. For more information about why they are free and how to download them, just read some of the previous 'free books' posts below this one.

A favour to ask - could you please tell your horse friends and horse forums about this blog? The authors give away the books to try and promote them and get some good reviews and star ratings, so they would love to give away thousands and thousands more - any day a book is free, it's totally unlimited, so you won't miss out by sharing this, in fact, the more people who download the free books, the more likely we are to get more of them as more authors see the value in promoting them through free days. So, please share - it helps your friends (something for free) and it helps the authors.

Books that have something to do with horses (there are no reviews yet on Horse Training so I don't know what this one is like - I couldn't see a sample but at 95KB it looks more like a large pamphlet than a book, so please have a look and give a review and star rating to help guide other readers... maybe it's good, maybe it is very basic, maybe it is has maybe it is full of spelling mistakes and shows very little understanding of horses - when it is not free, the price is $2.99 so let readers know if  you think it is worth it):

Horses on the cover... well, they're not horse books, but at least I can see a horse! Check the reviews before downloading them... they all have have plenty of five star ratings but at least one has a few one star ratings, so make up your own mind. They're all free, so you can always download them and delete later if you don't like them.

Books that have nothing to do with horses but they're free and worth reading. The tv journalist who was bitten in the face by the dog during an interview yesterday should have read this first book - she was patting that big dog in an aggressive manner (she didn't think so, but the dog did) and she didn't see the clear warning signs as the dog tried to avoid contact by looking away then she lowered her face to that dog to kiss it (FFS!!!) on the mouth and it very understandably reacted by biting because, from the dog's point of view, she was invading his space aggressively and moving in to bite him first. Now the dog faces being put down because the journalist didn't know what her body language was saying to that dog - she thought she was just showing love and kisses, the dog saw her showing aggression and then move in to attack so he defended himself. When I was a kid, if someone was bitten by a dog we were usually told it was their own fault for not realising what the dog was telling them before it attacked - the humans were blamed for not understanding the dog - but these days we are so ignorant we expect the dog to be smart enough to understand the human even when the human is giving the wrong signals. *sigh* Also, there's a prize winning book and a romance. All free. Download away and tell your friends.

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