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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Free eBooks today!  These eBooks are free for you to download today. Occasionally, authors offer their books for free over a day or two as part of a promotion, and each day I try to find any that have anything to do with horses, from non-fiction books about caring for horses to children's books and even romances with a cowboy (you know if there's a cowboy, there has to be a horse somewhere). If you don't have a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle reading app for your computer, iPhone, iPad, etc from the banner at the top of the page and access all the free eBooks this way (but you'll never regret buying a Kindle - I have three: for me, my mother who is in her 70s and for my daughter and we're all crazy for Kindle).how to ride a horse, secretariat the racehorse, how to ride dressage, dressage tests, breeding horses
Books that have something to do with horses:

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In HerName is one of the best science fiction/fantasy trilogies I have ever read. Yes, it is fairly brutal in places but you will not believe how you go from hating these alien creatures, the female Kreelans, who are mindlessly killing humans wherever they meet to admiring and respecting their culture and hoping that they overcome the human threat. And, although there aren't horses as such in there, there are horse-like creatures which respond to human kindness rather than the Kreelan way of treatment, and you grow very fond of one of them. I bought this when it was  $6.99 (Kindle price, it's $16.95 for the paperback) and all three books are in one edition here, so to be able to offer it for free today is amazing... get it! Even if you've never enjoyed science fiction/fantasy, I highly recommend this book, and if you don't like the brutal scenes, just skim over them (I skimmed a few). It's one of the first books in months that I really couldn't put down (and a lot of other work didn't get done while I was reading it). Beautifully written and Michael Hicks has proven that he is one of the great writers of this genre.

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'Books that don't have anything to do with horses, but they look good and they're free:

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