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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Western Riding Book Feature

Today's free eBooks are in the post under this one.
Yesterday I featured a collection of books on reining (they are always available, so you can look at that any time), and today I'm looking at Western Riding. These are books not eBooks, and prices vary between paperback, hardback, second hand - just look how cheap some of the second hand prices are... only $1.15 for Intermediate Western Exercises and $2.48 for The Horse Illustrated Guide to Western Riding!   If you are interested in western riding for fun or competition, have a look at the books (the links take you to the book's page in Amazon where you can read about it, see reviews, check prices, etc.).
Starting with fellow Aussie Clinton Anderson's book and finishing with a great book, Competing in Western Shows & Events, which has been reduced from $19.95 to just $3.37... what a bargain!!!!!!  The Basics of Western Riding is also reduced - from 19.95 to $7.98

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