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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


There are a lot of books and e-books on foaling. If you are considering breeding or raising a foal, a selection of books is a very small investment that could have a huge payoff if you learn from them. I've foaled down a few hundred mares over the years and one of my favourite books for Australian conditions was written by Ron and Val Males (from Ralvon Arabian Stud, home of the great World Champion, Ralvon Pilgrim) (sorry, it doesn't come up with an image of the book, but it's a great little book with some good, common sense advice).

Here are some other popular books dealing with breeding and foaling. Some are available as books, some as ebooks, some can be bought second-hand at great prices and some are available all three ways. It doesn't cost a fortune to build a great library dealing with horse issues such as breeding and foaling, and it's something every horse owner should consider doing. With many of the books, you can look at what's inside for free on your computer so you can have an idea about what it is about before buying it. For Australian buyers, remember that most of the Amazon books are coming from the U.S. - I've bought quite a few from there and the postage has been really good, but do check on postage costs no matter where you are buying from.

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