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Please let your friends and forums know about this blog - the more books that can be given away, the more the authors are promoted, which is why they agree to make them free for a few days. (And if you don't have a Kindle... consider one - I bought one for me, one for my daughter and a third for my 75 year old mother, and I linked the accounts so that every book I buy or pick up for free can be put on any or all Kindles. All of us love our Kindles!)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Horse Books and Horse eBooks.

You'll find lots of free books as well as plenty of highly recommended horse books to purchase on this site. Just on 1,000 free eBooks were given away in the last ten days of January, 2012 - that equates to about $5,000 worth of books based on their prices when they're not free. Please share this site with your friends & forums to help build readership, and look in each day to catch the free books that day!

The Cherry Hill Books & eBooks

Today's free eBooks are in the post below this one.
I have bought a few of the Cherry Hill books over the years and have always been impressed with how well written they are, how easy they are to read and the quality of the advice. Here are some worth having a look at. Click on any of the links to read more about the book, get a free sample of eBooks, see prices or order them. great horse books, books about horses, war horse, war horse the movie, horse hoof care, pat parelli, natural horsemanship, horse keeping, stables, black beauty, western riding, riding dressage,
Cherry Hill eBooks (also available as books)

Cherry Hill books.  I'm buying a few more of these... the first six books, the 'Pocket Guides', are really great, and I often give these as gifts to horse friends, and now I want a few of the others that aren't available as eBooks.


These eBooks are free today - just check that the price is still $0.00 after you click on the link as some may move out of free status by the time you read this. Lots of great horse books and eBooks that cost money to purchase are listed in other posts further down the page... I've been buying them (lots cheaper as eBooks). Remember, if you don't have a Kindle and want these eBooks - you can click on one of the links at the right to buy one direct from Amazon (arrives quickly, all set up with your account) and you can get a free Kindle reading app for your computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad etc. from the banner at the top of this page (and then transfer all your books over to your Kindle if you buy one.) Australian readers: occasionally some of these books are only available for U.S. buyers - sorry! horses how to ride a horse, horse shows, training horses, feeding horses, veterinary horse, equine colour genetics, equine veterinary, colic,
Books that involve horses

Books that may not have anything to do with horses, but they're free so the money you save can be spent on your horses :) 

cowboys, I love horses, how to ride, stallions, mares, horse breeding, how to care for a horse, pony, ponies, Thoroughbreds, horse racing, horse riding, trail riding, 

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Yes, these eBooks are all FREE (unless their free days have run out before you click on them... just check that they are still $0.00 before clicking to get them on your computer, Kindle, etc.). There are lots of horse books mentioned in posts further down this blog - scroll down and have a look... just not many free horse books today. horse books, books about horses, books about Arabians, rodeo books, stories about horses, stories about ponies, great horse books, best horse books, pony books, my pretty pony, Kindle books, ebooks about horses, Kindle books about horses, 

Now, these aren't strictly horse books, but they are free - so get these while they are free and use the money you save to buy something for your horse.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Dr Ann Nyland, who wrote this book, is a wonderful horse woman and a great scholar. She has many books on Amazon (when you get this free book, have a look at some of the others she has - absolutely amazing lady). I have known her for quite a few years and she really is a remarkable person. Please, if you get a free copy of this book, can you give her a good rating and review. The eBook authors give us these books for free in the hope that we will repay them with a good rating and review as five star ratings and positive reviews drive sales after the book is no longer free. I have eBook and print versions of most of her horse books, as well as many of her others - always very well researched and written.


HERE ARE SOME FREE eBOOKS that aren't about horses... but they are really good books that have many positive reviews and five star ratings, and what you save by getting these for free might buy you a couple of bags of horse feed... so that makes these worth posting here. 
Horse Books are in all the posts below this one! (Remember - if you don't have a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle reading app for your computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad, etc. from the banner at the top of the page, or follow the safe links at the right of this page to purchase a Kindle for fast delivery around the U.S. or all the way to Australia)

A Good Dozen

Twelve of the Best Selling Horse Books 
(Today's free books are in the post below this one)
Here's a dozen of the most popular (by sales, star ratings and reviews) horse books for sale on Amazon. Prices vary from 99c for Dream Horse, Jockeys and Jewels and Basic Horse Training to $11.99 for Seabiscuit.  These prices are for the eBook versions but most of the books are also available in paper form - you'll see the prices and information on the books' pages after clicking the links below.


FREE eBOOKS FOR YOU TODAY  good horse books, books about horses,
All these books are free at the time of writing this morning - when you click the book link, it will take you to its page on Amazon where you can read about it, get a free sample and check reviews; before clicking 'purchase' on that page, just check the price is still $0.00 as some books are only free for 24 hours. Some of the free books over the past few days are also still free - so you can scroll down to the 'free books today' posts and see if any of those are still available for $0.00

Children's stallions, mares, equine colour genetics, how to ride horses,

Romance romance books, great reads, horse books, horses, ponies

horse novels, pony books, where can I buy horse books?, War Horse, Black Beauty,
Fantasy (well, they might ride horses)

 Dressage, Dressage books,
Classics buying a horse, eventing, Olympic horse sports, horses and ponies

Books that really don't have anything to do with horses apart from the fact that they are free and if horse people get free books then that leaves them more money to spend on horsey things (have you seen the link down the right side to the Amazon pet supplies? LOVING that... the money I save on free books can go there). These seem like interesting books and they have been given good reviews.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Some Paper & Print Horse Books

'REAL BOOKS' TO BUY (not eBooks)
(Today's free eBooks are two posts below this)
All the books so far are eBooks for Kindle, but I've been asked to recommend some paper books which you can order, which come in the mail, and which are made of paper (not eBooks, in other words). A few readers want to give some horse books as gifts, so here are some of the most popular. Remember to check the postage costs. I've bought books from Amazon in the U.S. (I'm in Australia) and the postage has been reasonable, and the items arrived promptly, but it's definitely cheaper postage for those in the U.S. and Canada. This is a selection of some of the most popular horse books available in print form - great gift ideas if you know anyone who likes horses.

Horse Sports - we're addicted!

Today's free books are in the post under this one!
The eBooks in this post aren't free, but if you like horses there might be one here for you - and they're cheaper than the print version... all you need to do is take a lunch from home instead of buying one at work or school, and you have the money to buy one or two of these.
Remember - if you don't have a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle reading app from the banner at the top of this page - only takes a minute or two to put on  your computer, laptop, iPhone or iPad. If you realise that you'd like to buy a Kindle, the links on this page are all secure and take you direct to the Amazon store - I have bought Kindles and accessories through these links and they are all safe.

Dressage - $2.99 - $9.99

Racing - $0.99 - $8.99

Rodeo - $1.99 - $9.99

For those starting out - some little 99c books


ALL THESE eBOOKS ARE FREE TODAY (after opening the links to any book, always check that they are still free $0.00 in case they go off the free list during the day)
Sorry, missed yesterday - it was Australia Day, the farrier was here all morning, there were so many things to do that I didn't update, but back on target today.
Now, I can't always find free eBooks that are about horses, but I know the romance and fantasy are always popular, and if I can find a horse on the cover or a character in the book who rides horses, then that is enough for me as long as it's free - you can't lose. Download it for free, if you don't like it, delete it, and it hasn't cost you a cent.  I just found some free recipe books - horse people have to eat, so I'll add some of these free ones, too. And you'll love this one - Instant Self Hypnosis - lol - "I will clean the house, not just the stables; I will ride better..." yeah, I have to give that one a go!



Some dog books... most horse people have dogs (Down From The Mountain is meant to be a GREAT read... haven't read it yet but downloaded it for later).

Well... these might be useful to horse people... they're free today, so don't complain.

I haven't found a horse in these ones yet, but they are so popular and so many people like them, that I thought I'd put them here while they're free... the only connection to horses is that they are free, and horse people love free things so that we can spend more money on our horses.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To enjoy these free books, you either need a Kindle or you can have the free Kindle reading app on your computer, iPhone, iPad, etc - you'll find a link to the free app in the banner at the top of this page (it only takes a minute or two to download - I have a Kindle and I have the free reading app on my computer and laptop as well).
You'll find that most of the classic books listed in previous days' posts about 'free books today' will be free every day. So, if you're interested in Black Beauty or other classics, you can scroll down the other posts and click on those books with the generic book covers (they all look much the same - no pretty pictures on the covers). Most of the other free books (with the pretty covers) are only free for a few days. I'll repeat their listings if they are still free.
Keep in mind that some books are free at the time I list them, but they are just finishing their 'free days' so, by the time you click on them, they are no longer free - always check that their price is $0.00 before clicking the 'purchase now' price. If it turns out that they're no longer free and you've purchased it by mistake, you can return it to Amazon for a refund (that option comes up after the book has been downloaded).
(Please share the link to this blog on your horse forums and among your horse friends so that everyone can have some free reading that relates to horses... a few free books equal a bag of horse feed. So far, over $5000 worth of free books have gone out in less than a week)

The Narrow Path (hmm, an Amish of the most popular free books in Amazon today... we all know the Amish use horses not cars and tractors, so sure to be a horse in there somewhere)
Fools Rush In (he has a cowboy hat... surely he has a horse to go with it)
Daughter Of Joy (a Christian romance on a ranch...sure to be a horse there)
Shades of Honour (look - a horse on the cover!)

DOG BOOK - OK, so he's not a horse, but I know most horse people also have a dog and this is supposed to be a really lovely novel... and it's FREE - so get it now and quibble about whether it should be on a horse books blog later.

Free Children's Books

Demonsouled (well, there is a horse on the cover)
Unicorn Magic
The Thirteenth Unicorn

Just as a reminder that there are other sports that will cost you less than keeping and riding horses, here's a little beauty free today... look in your stables, you might already have the required animals roosting in the rafters!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Starting with Stuart Tinney's great effort, coming in at $42.56, and then nothing else is under $10... but they're good! Almost all of them are between $10 and $20 (some free books and 99c books below this post)  Now, I'm going to treat myself to one of these, plus five free samples of others so that I can buy them later... which ones...

Some 99c Books - yep, just 99c each.
(What great value! I mean, come on, what can you buy for 99c these days?)
Why are they only 99c? It's because the author receives about 33c from each sale, and they are hoping for lots of sales - they'd rather sell a ten thousand books at 99c and make $3,300  than one hundred books which made them $5 per sale for a total of $500.

Some more free books
Wild Mustang Man
Shades Of Honour

Non Fiction:
Starting Your Home Aquarium (because, face it, you know you'd be a whole lot wealthier if you only had to buy fish food instead of horse food!)

(I will be adding some more free books in about an hour) Remember, almost all of the classics (with the generic covers that look similar to Black Beauty in yesterday's Free Books post) are free every day. I'm rushing today, so skip back to previous free books posts to access the free classics.

These eBooks are free today. Some have been free for a few days so their free days must be about to end. Some don't have much to do with horses apart from a character in them rides horses, but I'm trying to avoid linking you to books that are badly written, so whatever the genre (children's fiction, romance, fantasy, etc.) I hope that the free book will be worthwhile downloading for some of you (and it's free - delete it if you don't like it!)

The following are available for free in the U.S. but not Australia (sorry, Aussies!)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Today's FREE BOOKS are two posts down.
Other book places.
If you are enjoying this book blog - which is mainly about horse books and free books relating to horses - you might be interested in a general book website/ book review site which covers all types of eBooks. Addicted To Books is a good eBook blog, and you can look at it by clicking here or on its name. Today, they feature one of my books, Horses Of The Sun (you can see it in the panel to the right of this).
The horse trainer for War Horse is visiting today!
(Free books today - next post down.)
I have to feature this book today as the lady who trained the horses for the movie, War Horse,  Zelie Bullen, is coming here today to see our horses: Horses Of Gold . It is a lovely, emotional story, along the lines of a modern day Black Beauty as the wonderful Joey changes hands several times during the course of war. The scene on the battlefield where Joey is loose and goes through the razor wire is every horse person's nightmare, and I know that scene in the movie had even the hardest hearts crying. Zelie trained those horses beautifully - if you see the movie, consider the calmness, trust and contentment in their faces - none of fear or nervousness that marked some of the 'trained' horses in movies of long ago. Australian readers will recognise the name 'Bullen' in relation to the circus - and, yes, same family, just with horse training. It's only $4.99 and is great reading for all ages.


Children's Books:  Perfectly Pony (this one looks great... well written, good stories)
                            Super Cowboy Rides (love that cover!!!)
                            A Turn Of Curses
                            Black Beauty for Young Folks (a good one to read to littlies)
                            Quicksand (he's an Appy... gotta love the spots!)
                            Double D Ranch
Romance:             Shades Of Honour
                            Highlander Series 1
Fantasy (a horse or unicorn will be in them somewhere!)
                            Prince (Blue Moon Rising Trilogy #1)
                            Unicorn Bait
                            The Thirteenth Unicorn
Free Classics: Black Beauty
                      The Ballad Of The White Horse
                       The Story of the Pony Express
                       A New Illustrated Edition...Art Of Training Horses (1859)
                      The War Trail: The Hunt For the Wild Horse (not available in Australia)

You Look Worried - no, it's not a horse book, but if anyone knows a teen or tween (with or without horses), this will have some helpful advice for them. Before kids learn to look after their horses, they need to look after
themselves first. (I wrote it.)


Sunday, January 22, 2012

The books in this post can be purchased as eBooks for your Kindle or Kindle reading app (get a free Kindle reading app for your computer, iPhone, iPad, etc. by clicking the banner at the top of the page).  A variety of quality training books for various disciplines and interests (note: some are not available to Australian readers... sorry - so if you live in Australia and you go to the link of a U.S. book only, you just won't be able to purchase it - you can still look at it or buy it as print book).