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Please let your friends and forums know about this blog - the more books that can be given away, the more the authors are promoted, which is why they agree to make them free for a few days. (And if you don't have a Kindle... consider one - I bought one for me, one for my daughter and a third for my 75 year old mother, and I linked the accounts so that every book I buy or pick up for free can be put on any or all Kindles. All of us love our Kindles!)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today's free eBooks are in the post below this one.
Reining:  I have Quarter Horses here that would be great for reining, and I still haven't had a go - but when I have the time, I am definitely going to do some reining clinics as it looks great. And, if Anky can do it, every English style rider should be inspired to have a go!

Here is a selection of books about reining. If you know someone who's into the sport, these would make great gifts, or shout yourself a copy if you just want to learn more about it yourself. Every one has a worthy place on a horse person's bookshelf - six reining books, a Breyer model of Big Chex To Cash and a romance involving people who go reining (which is only 99c on Kindle)


These eBooks are free today. Just remember, I'm in Australia and the U.S. is over 12 hours behind us in time, so sometimes that time difference means books are no longer free by the time the U.S. readers are up and reading this... always check that the price is still $0.00 before clicking 'buy now' (if you accidentally purchase it and find it cost you money because it was no longer free, you can easily get a refund from Amazon).

Each day I get up at around 5am - sometimes earlier - and try and get the 'today's free books' posted before going out to feed the horses. I've built up a wonderful library on my computer and in my Kindle with all these free books (I like the Cloud Reader for my computer as it presents all my books like they are laid out on a table with their lovely colourful covers there for me to admire) and I have become fairly selective. If the book looks really badly written, I won't even put it in the 'books that have something to do with horses', although some that I have put there were a bit dodgy but, hey, they were free and maybe someone else might have liked them and it was just me who had the problem. The books that have nothing to do with horses are usually very well reviewed and I've enjoyed reading a lot of those, with about ten years of reading stored away for the future.

If you have any more questions, just skim back over previous 'free eBooks today' posts for information. Don't forget, there are lots of features on horse books that aren't free... just look down that archive list to find some of them.

Books that have something to do with horses.  I can't find any books that have horses as the subject, so these might have a character who rides a horse, maybe just a horse on the cover, and the Amish romance...well, they use horses not cars).


Books that have nothing to do with horses.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some horse jewellery to go with your books.

Today's free eBooks post is two posts below this one. I was just shopping for some horse jewellery to go with a book as a birthday present for one of my friends, and thought I'd share some of these with you - available across the U.S. and in Australia (not sure about other places).
Now, I'm thinking of these ones as three of them are under $15 so aren't very expensive and I like them...

I'm putting these ones on my wish list... I'm definitely not buying them - do you realise how much horse feed you can buy for the price of one of these? But they're nice to look at.

Now, that last one is nice, but at a bit over a thousand dollars, I think I'll put this next one on the wish list which is just under eighty dollars.

Some Good 99c Horse eBooks

Today's free books are in the post below this one.  Here are some books you might like to add to your library, or make a note of them so they can be bought as gifts some time in the future.
Jockeys and Jewels - one of the highest rated horse books on Amazon, and only 99c!
Texas Rein - a good read for only 99c. Romance involving people who are training reining horses - can their horse make it to the Olympics in reining?
Ribbon Chasers - same author as above and also about people involved with showing horses. No reviews on this one yet, but I do like the 99c books!
Dream Horse - a girl's summer holiday with her 'dream horse' Charlie is a time for some hard lessons about becoming a horse person. Also 99c.


These eBooks are free today. Download them to your Kindle for free or, if you don't have a Kindle, get a free Kindle reading app from the banner at the top of the page which will download to your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. or buy one via one of the Amazon links over at the right, and then you can build a huge library of books, totally free (but we all still buy some occasionally as there are a lot of great books that will never have a 'free day', unfortunately). Look over the archived posts (list at left of the page) to find features about different horse books on dressage, barrel racing, western, etc. as all those books are still available on Amazon and the links are still active if you want to look at those Good Horse Books.

If you have horses and other horse people in your life, you'll never be stuck for gift again if you remember to look at the huge range of horse books and horse related products on Amazon... it's amazing!

These free eBooks have something to do with horses, even if it's just a horse on the cover or a romantic interest in a cowboy hat who rides a horse... sorry, a bit scarce on the free horse books today! :

Good free eBooks that have nothing to do with horses, but they're free and worth adding to your library if you like the genre:

Monday, February 27, 2012


These eBooks are free today. Just remember to check that the price is still $0.00 on the book's page (whey you click any of the links below, you will be taken to the page that describes the book and gives you information about the  author, size of the book and reviews, and you can see on that page if the price is still $0.00 before clicking the 'buy now' button).  Short on time this morning... farrier coming, Dibby is going to the breakers (well, he won't be 'broken' just ridden) and lots of other horse things to get done...

These have something to do with horses:

These do not have anything to do with horses, but look how good they are! For free! Wow.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


These eBooks are free today!  First up, download my book Flame The Fire Horse and Other Horse Stories for free today, and please - if you like it - please give it a good review and high star rating as this is why authors give their books away for a few days, to try and get some five star ratings and positive reviews which will then kick along sales when the book is not free. As a favour to me - and I rarely ask for much - could you go to your forums and facebook pages and share this book so as many copies as possible can be given away and hopefully some of the readers will give it five star ratings and good reviews. Thank you!!!

Now, for some other free horse related eBooks... I don't know how well written these are, so I'm not recommending them, just putting them up here as they are free - if they are badly written, just delete them because you didn't have to pay for them! (I'm not even 100% sure if there's a horse in Blame It On Texas, but there's a cowboy, some Blue Heelers and a ranch... so must be a horse somewhere! I'm sure some of the Patriots of the United States rode horses... so I'm counting that as "horse related" )

And some eBooks that I know are good - if you are interested in any of these genres (each day I try and cover different genres, including young children & teen reads, romance, mystery, fantasy, sci-fi etc.), you might like some or all of these:

Saturday, February 25, 2012


This will be free for two days only! (Today's other free eBooks are in the post below this one)  At the time of writing this, it isn't yet free, but it should become free sometime today for 48 hours (I'm on Aussie time but the promotions run on US time, so it's set for Saturday & Sunday, 25th & 26th of February)... so just keep checking in until you see the price at $0.00.  Why am I giving it away for two days? Because it really is a great book and I want to get some five star reviews from people who read it and let others know it's good. You will see on any of the Amazon pages for books, you are able to write a review and give them a star rating... so far, only one person has reviewed and rated Flame, and in order to kick sales along over the next six months, I need to get some more five star ratings and positive reviews as these help get the book 'seen' and help sales.

So, please download it for free and, if you enjoy it, give it a good star rating and nice review as I really need some to kick the book up the charts... if you absolutely hate it (and I don't think anyone would - I've been writing for magazines for three decades, I'm an English teacher, I have a Masters in Education and I do know how to write) just assume that you like a different style of book and please don't 'punish' it with a low star rating (pretty please). If you have enjoyed getting free books from this blog, then please take the time to help me now by giving my books some good reviews.

What's it about? Well, the first story, Flame, is fiction - I wrote it over 25 years ago and it ran as a serialised story in The Horse Magazine in Australia (the one that is still the most popular horse magazine in the country). I re-wrote it for Kindle and added some true, short stories about horses I have known, a couple of these have been published in magazines, the others are 'first time seen' in this book. If you like horses, it doesn't matter what age you are, you will enjoy this. I was amazed to discover that some of my facebook friends, including horse judges and competitors, remembered the story from 25 years ago when they read it in the magazine and just never realised that I was the author... they all said they loved it and they cried, so you might need tissues at the end - I was simply blown away that they even remembered it!

These next two aren't free, and Horses Of The Sun is chugging along well, often in the top five on various book lists on Amazon, making #1 a couple of times, and it has some good reviews (would love to see forty or fifty five star reviews... but it all takes time), but if you are in a 'good review' mood, you might add a review to them. It only costs $2.99 and I've nearly finished Book #2 in the series, which is longer and even more exciting. The book is complete in itself, you aren't left hanging waiting to 'find out what happens' in the next book, but hopefully it makes readers enjoy meeting these characters so much that they want to continue the friendship for years to come. It's also available as a paperback.
You Look Worried is a little 'help' book for tweens/teens - as a teacher I see the same worries and problems  year after year with young people and this covers some of the most common worries. It is only 99c, so I'm not going to make money out of it, but if it can help some young people that is what is important... from feedback, it has already really helped over a dozen kids who were inspired to write to me to say thank you, so hopefully it's helped a lot more than that who didn't write to say thanks. If you are in this age group, or know people who are, have a look, and give it a review so that other tweens/teens can find it more easily.


 Here are today's free eBooks!  If you've visited a few times, you'll know the routine: each day I search for free eBooks that have something to do with horses. Sometimes I find some really great non-fiction horse books that are free for a day or two, which is very exciting, but often I only find books that might have a character who rides horses or maybe a children's book about horses. So, rather than just have one or two of the give-aways, I also put some of the best rated free books that have nothing whatsoever to do with horses and I justify that by claiming that the money you save by downloading those for free can be used to buy something for your horse. These might be recipe books, romances, fantasy, children's books, non-fiction such as history or even religious fiction.

Remember, if you don't have a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle reading app for your computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad, etc. from the banner at the top of this page. I bought three of them: for me, my Mum and my daughter. Mum is in her 70s and she won't go anywhere without her Kindle these days (she still travels all over the world every year with friends), my daughter is 21.

There are no limits on how many books are given away on the 'free days' and the authors would love to give away as many as possible so that they can promote their book. Please tell you friends on facebook or horse forums so that more and more people can get something for free.

Free eBooks that have something to do with horses:

Free eBooks that have nothing to do with horses:

Friday, February 24, 2012


Today's free eBooks are in the post below this one. Here is a selection of some of the top rated and most popular horse books available on Amazon - they are available in a variety of formats (just click on the link to to see if they are available as eBooks, paperbacks, hardbacks or as second hand books... or as all four). If you like horses or have friends who like them, you should never have to struggle with 'what to give' at birthdays and Christmas - every horse person LOVES horse books. Prices start at just 99c for the Kindle version of Jockeys and Jewels ($11.69 for the paperback version) and go up from there. These are all wonderful books that have a place on the book shelves of any horse person.  You can scan down the titles of past blogs there on the left of this page if you want to find books about particular disciplines, such as barrel racing or dressage.


Today's free eBooks.  The authors want to give away as many as possible on these promotional 'free days' - so grab whatever you want and tell your friends about them.

Books that relate to horses somehow (even if it's just a cowboy who rides a horse):

Books that have nothing to do with horses but they are great books to have:

Thursday, February 23, 2012


These eBooks are free for you to download - no strings attached! If you're new here, just look down over some of the previous 'free eBooks' posts to learn about why they're free, how to get them, etc.

You'll also find lots of posts about great horse books that aren't free but which are well worth having - and many come as eBooks, paperbacks as well as hardbacks, and you can also buy them second-hand through their links to Amazon for a much reduced price.

Yesterday had some great horsey gift ideas (apart from books) if you want to spoil yourself or buy something for a horse-mad friend.

Books that have something to do with horses (maybe just a horse on the cover!):

Books that have nothing to do with horses but are great to get for free - these are seriously good books for people who like these genres:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Here are some great gift ideas...(today's free books are in the post below this one)  books, jewellery, puzzles and I am crazy over those Laurel Burch items... I'm buying some of them today (saw them a year ago and haven't been able to remember the name to find them since, but they are gorgeous!). If someone in your life doesn't have a birthday coming up, perhaps just treat yourself. They're all available on Amazon via these safe links, so you know you're shopping safely if you want them. I'm in Australia, and I find they arrive quickly and safely. Some really great books (and remember, some are available in different formats - as paperbacks, hardbacks, eBooks and you can also get some of them second hand, which is far cheaper... just follow the links to see what is available).

Good Horse Books - ideas for young readers and teens:

Good Horse Book ideas for all ages interested in horses:

Oh, I LOVE these Laurel Burch items... I am buying some of the scarves... they are just beautiful (bought the blue one and the green one - 2nd & 4th items - as they are from the same supplier, and it cost me $55 Australian including the postage and they'll be here in 10 days - the Moroccan mares wasn't available to Australian buyers).

Not Books... but how good are these?:


These are free today! Scroll down to previous 'free today' posts to learn how and why they are free... they really are free, no strings attached. Just get yourself a Kindle (I love my Kindle!) from one of the links over at the right, or download a free Kindle reading app for your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android etc. from that banner at the top of the page.

These relate to horses in some way, though mostly because the romantic interest can ride a horse... free eBooks about horses are a bit scarce at the moment. Also, the two Harlequin romances aren't available for Australian readers (sorry!) :

Nothing to do with horses, but they look good:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today's free eBooks. Each day (with the occasional missed day if I'm too busy or the internet is down) I try and find all the eBooks on Amazon which have anything to do with horses - from texts about riding to romances involving cowboys or history books with people who rode horses or even children's books that have pictures of horses and no words (the littlies love those!). I also pick out some of the best available for free that day that don't have anything to do with horses. You can download these for free, no strings attached, to your Kindle or, if you don't have a Kindle, you can get a free Kindle reading app from the banner at the top of the page for your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. The authors give the books away for free as part of their promotions to build readership, so the more they give away the better. Please tell your friends about this chance to build an entire library, no strings attached, for free. grey horses, Lipizzaners, Lippizaners, the Spanish Riding School, horses in movies, My Friend Flicka, National Velvet, International Velvet. the Black Stallion 
I also feature some of the best horse books that are not free, and if you scan down the blog you will find listing after listing of dressage books, reining, barrel racing and trail riding books, biographies of famous horse people and some fantastic novels about horses. Most are available as eBooks as well as paper books and Amazon usually have a good range of second hand ones listed if you want one on your bookshelf but want to save some money. And don't forget some of the great buys you'll find in the Amazon links around the page... I swear they are doing to shopping what google did to search engines as I'm buying so much from them now, and I live in Australia! how to ride a horse, how to catch a horse, horse worming, horse husbandry, equine vet, horse racing, Pharlap, rodeo, rodeo princess, how to be a rodeo princess, horse breeding 
Books that have something to do with horses:
equine colour genetics, dressage, how to ride a dressage test, how to do reining, rollbacks, slides, spins, barrel racing, how to train a barrel racing horse.
Books that probably don't even mention the word 'horse':
three day eventing, riding a three day event course, cross country riding, hunting, hunting to hounds, riding to hounds, training the dressage horse, training the reining horse, western pleasure, training a racehorse

Monday, February 20, 2012


Today's free eBooks are in the two posts below this.  Here are some horse books available for under $5 each, starting from 99c for Jockeys and Jewels and Dream Horse with the highly rated Horses Of The Sun just $1.99 and the wonderful collection of stories Flame The Fire Horse just $2.99


The 'Today's free eBooks' post is below this on. This is for eBooks that have something to do with horses that are ALWAYS free. Mind you, they were written many decades ago, some over a hundred years ago, so some of the information will be outdated, some will make you cringe, but good handling of horses never changes.


Here are today's free eBooks! If you're new here, read yesterday's post about those free eBooks so that you can learn why they're free and how to get them - and please tell your friends and forums so that the authors who are promoting these books by making them free for a day or two can give away as many as possible (and people love getting something for free).

Books that have something to do with horses (maybe just a horse on the cover or a cowboy in the story because I couldn't find any free eBooks that were actually totally about horses today, but I have found some classics that are always free... putting a separate post for them above this):

Books that have nothing to do with horses, but they're too good to ignore - an eclectic collection that may have something to interest you:

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Today's free eBooks are in the post below this one.
Here are some expert level books - if you are new to horses, you probably won't need these for a few years (just focus on learning the basics first), but if you are already specialising in a discipline, these are some of the best in those areas. Just note that there are a range of prices, for instance, Stuart Tinney's book is $42.56 as an eBook, $47.29 as a paperback, and there are second hand paperback copies available from $29.64 - so you have a bit of choice there. The reining and show jumping books are not available as eBooks, only as paper versions - and at the time of writing there were only five of the show jumping ones left in stock, so if you are keen on show jumping or have a friend with a birthday coming up who likes show jumping, order it soon!


Today's free eBooks. (sorry, couldn't access the internet for long enough yesterday to do yesterday's post.)

For new readers, each day I try and find free eBooks that relate to horses in some way - from non-fiction training manuals about horse riding to romances which involve a cowboy; from murder/mystery at the racetrack to children's books about horses. If you have a Kindle, you can just download them with one click and they're yours. If you don't have a Kindle, you can get a free Kindle reading app from the banner at the top of this page and it only takes a few minutes to put it on your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android. As well as the free horse related eBooks, I also put up a few that have nothing to do with horses but they are highly rated and might catch your interest (ranging from cooking and children's books to fantasy, romance and even self-help books). They can be a fairly eclectic mix, so have a look and choose any or all.

The authors of these books offer them for free for a day or two at a time (occasionally more) because they use the 'free days' as promotional days to get their books 'out there' and - hopefully - to get good reviews and star ratings from readers who appreciate getting the opportunity to read their books for free. The books are often only free for a short time, so check they are still $0.00 before you click the 'buy now' button to download them. I you accidentally click on one that is no longer free, you can simply return it for a refund.  We give away several thousand dollars worth of eBooks through this site each week, and it would be great if we could give away ten times that number as that helps the authors, so please tell your friends and forums about this site - who doesn't enjoy getting something for free? I also put up posts about books that aren't free - I try to make it clear which ones are paid books - and if you scroll down you'll find posts about dressage books, rodeo and racing and lots of other topics. Most of those are available as eBooks, paperbacks, hardbacks as well as second hand., so go looking and see what an amazing world of good books we have for you to see.

Books that have something to do with horses (maybe just a horse on the cover!). Thanks to Cath for finding the first one for me and emailing me about it - much appreciated!:

Books that don't have anything to do with horses but I'm getting them as they look darned good:

Friday, February 17, 2012


Here are today's free eBooks. If you're new, scroll down to other 'free eBooks' posts to work out what it's all about and why you can get free eBooks worth hundreds of dollars (no strings attached, but the authors would like good reviews and ratings if you think they deserve it). training horses, klimke and alherich, dressage, breeding horses, stallions mares and foals, artificial insemination, equestrian, learning dressage
Also, if you scroll down through previous posts on the non-free books, you'll find a great selection of eBooks, paperbacks, hardbacks and used books on dressage, racing, barrel racing, jumping, training, etc. etc. Good Horse Books is a great place when it comes to books about horses! good horse books, great horse books, books about horses, dressage, western riding, dressage tests, trail riding, Appaloosa breeding, riding schools, horse riding instruction, canter, black beauty, war horse, secretariat, secretariat the race horse
Free eBooks that may involve horses and on various days you'll find anything from training books to children's books, today we even have a book with no words, just pictures of horses which the little children really like:
trotting, harness racing, good horse books, books about horses, racing, Man 'o War, sea biscuit, Sea Biscuit the movie, Sea Biscuit racehorse, I love horses, jumping, cross country, three day eventing
Free eBooks that probably don't have anything to do with horses...but they're free and they are GOOD (some might not suit everyone, of course):

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today's free eBooks are in the post below this one.
Here's a selection of eBooks, most of which are also available as paper books (and some second hand copies, as well, which are cheaper than new but are almost as good as new). Great horse people often have a good deal of wisdom to share which helps us with more areas of our life than just the horses. Some of the books look at the spiritual side of our relationships with horses, but I think most people who spend a lot of time with their horses are aware of this aspect, even if they choose to focus on the training and results rather than what is going on in our minds.


These are today's free eBooks! If you're new here, just scroll down to some of the previous 'free books' posts to find out why and how they are free (no catches - authors are just promoting them by giving them away for a day or two).

eBooks that have something to do with horses, such as a western romance where people ride horses (I haven't read them yet, so not sure how good they are... but they're free, so nothing to lose if they're not up to scratch):

eBooks that have nothing to do with horses, but they are highly rated and they look great... and you can spend the money you save on your horses: